Brotherhood in the News: The Genesis of the NDIS: Bringing competing agendas together / Rhonda Galbally AO – The Sambell Oration

Extract from The Sambell Oration at the Brotherhood of St Laurence

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is undoubtedly one of the biggest social policy reforms Australia has ever seen – a once-in-a-generation reform alongside Medicare and national superannuation. In delivering the Sambell Oration this evening, I’m going to explore where we have come from to achieve this profound change and the journey it took to get here.

I hope that this reflection will make it possible to understand the genesis of competing agendas that still impact on the NDIS to this day. Disability – a part of life like getting sick and growing old.

People become disabled from many causes: from accidents – road, sporting, working, playing – and going about day-to-day living in a house, on a footpath, in a hospital. And people become disabled from being born.

People become disabled from a wide range of illnesses: some acute, some chronic, some degenerative, some genetic. Disability can become a part of life or death from the earliest age until old age, when 84 per cent of people over 85 are disabled..(continues)

SOURCE: Rhonda Galbally, “The genesis of the NDIS: bringing competing agendas together”, The Sambell Oration, The Brotherhood of St Laurence, 01 December, 2016

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