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This report looks at the future development of personalisation at a time of limited resources. It details two seminars held in November 2011,organised by SCIE with support and funding from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF). The seminars brought together service users, carers and a select number of people involved in practice and policy development around personalisation in adult social care.

Participants at the seminars were selected to give a range of perspectives on personalisation. The focus was on adult services but several of the participants were carers of children and young people.

  • It is important to define personalisation in terms based on the principles of independent living
  • this should include service users and carers having choice and control and the freedom to live their lives in the way they want to
  • many users and carers have positive experiences of personalisation and there are examples of good practice
  • however, the number of people receiving truly personalised services remains very low and cuts to services may make this situation worse
  • more needs to be done to ensure that everyone involved in service provision understands personalisation
  • there needs to be better coordination of resources and services
  • there needs to be more co-production with service user and carer organisations
  • a stronger vision based on a return to the principles of independent living is needed to ensure that personalisation delivers better outcomes for service users and carers at the same time as ensuring resources are used as effectively as possible.

SOURCE: Social Care Institute for Excellence, “People not processes: The future of personalisation and independent living”, SCIE & Joseph Rowntree Foundation March 2012

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