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Extract from an article by David Thorpe 

Non-residential landlords in England and Wales will soon have to make their properties meet minimum standards. They can apply for an exemption – but are the arbitrators of these appeals properly qualified?

New guidelines issued by the English government state that from April 2018 private non-domestic landlords must ensure properties they rent in England and Wales reach at least an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of “E” before granting a tenancy to new or existing tenants. This will extend to properties where there has been no change in the tenancy arrangements from April 2023.

Landlords who believe they should be exempted from this legislation will have to register their property, with proper professional documentation, including an Energy Certificate (indicating an “F” or “G” rating).

Stuart Fairlie, head of technical at energy assessment company Elmhurst, believes fund managers of portfolios of property are taking this very seriously.

“We have seen lots of anecdotal evidence to suggest that many landlords, especially the fund managers of portfolios, are taking this regulation extremely seriously and looking at the viability of their portfolios moving forward,” he said.

“This is a good opportunity for energy assessors to advise these clients and create good business opportunities.”

He also said it was “extremely likely” that the same guidance would come out for domestic minimum energy standards and therefore be “a similar good news story for domestic energy assessors”.

The guidance has also been welcomed by the UK Green Business Council. John Alker, its campaign and policy director, said: “The regulations have already had a galvanising effect on the commercial property industry…(continues)

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