Wind, solar to fill grid services as incumbents cash in while they can – Renew Economy

Extract from an article by Giles Parkinson 

Wind farms and new solar parks in Australia are expected to take an increasingly prominent role in providing stability services as well as energy to Australia’s electricity grid, but it appears that the incumbent generators are not going to give up without a fight, or at least an opportunity to line their pockets first.

As the Australian Energy Market Operator outlines significant opportunities for wind and solar farms to provide the sort of services previously only expected of coal, gas and hydro facilities, new data is pointing to a dramatic increase in the cost of these services that appears to be largely unexplained.

Research by the Climate and Energy Institute points to a five-fold increase in costs associated with the FCAS (frequency and ancillary services) market since 2014, to $200 million – with many of these rises occurring in states with little or no renewable energy, and no apparent lift in demand for the services…(continues)

SOURCE: Giles Parkinson, “Wind, solar to fill grid services as incumbents cash in while they can”, Renew Economy, 03 March 2017

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