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Unpaid work experience in Australia (83 pages) Study confirms what VET practitioners have long known – work placements enhance VET students’ confidence and job prospects.

Late last year the Commonwealth Department of Employment released a study into work-integrated learning, work placements, internships or work experience. The study looked closely at the benefits and pitfalls of unpaid work experience (UWE). Also it covered VET and university students, and those who undertake UWE as an income support requirement or for other reasons.

On the upside, VET students had the highest level of satisfaction with their UWE episodes – 79 per cent, compared with 74 per cent for university students. Also good news is that 36 per cent of VET students secured a paid job with their UWE host employer after their work placements. UWE has clear benefits for students and employers.

The UWE report is based on results from a detailed survey of 3800 people undertaken by researchers from the University of Adelaide, Queensland University of Technology and University of Technology, Sydney. About one in five VET students who responded to the survey said they completed an episode of UWE as part of their formal course of study.

Uneven quality of, and access to, placements is troubling

Despite the benefits, there are pitfalls to UWE. Two of the most prominent are the quality of work placements, and who gets access to them…(continues)

SOURCE: “The good, bad and ugly of work experience”, VDC News, 07 Feb 2017

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