The skills you need to succeed in the digital economy, and how to get them – World Economic Forum

Extract from an article by Surya Kant

A classroom in a suitcase equipping remote parts of the world with the tools of education. A digital library made up of over 30,000 books in 43 languages across 63 countries, tackling illiteracy head on. And a hybrid wifi router and mobile modem, ensuring those with unreliable connectivity and negligible infrastructure stay connected for longer.

MobiStation, Worldreader and BRCK are all fantastic examples of technology as a force for good, educating and preparing the workforce of tomorrow. Yet technology delivers uncertainty too, in the form of changing work and education landscapes.

What we know is that the jobs of tomorrow won’t map directly to the roles, skillsets and industries we know today. And as the digital economy becomes more pervasive – accounting for 15% of global productivity in 2005 and expected to reach 25% by 2025 – so the obligation of business and political leaders will come into sharper focus. It is, in short, our task to equip the next generation workforce with the right skills and mindset to succeed.

In less than 10 years, three quarters of the global labour market will be made up of millennials and those that follow (12-18 year-olds, the so-called Generation Z). Both generations must be given the tools, education and infrastructure that will enable them to drive our economies forward. It is their challenge and our obligation. It’s what responsive and responsible leadership looks like…(continues)

SOURCE: Surya Kant, “The skills you need to succeed in the digital economy, and how to get them”, World Economic Forum, 13 jan 2017

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