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Grattan Institute analysis poses strategic questions for the VET sector.

The Grattan Institute, a Melbourne-based think tank, has pulled together some valuable data about where jobs growth is occurring in Australia. The Institute’s CEO, John Daley, spoke about ‘Productivity and geography’ to a Productivity Commission conference in December last. His presentation was accompanied by a slide show that visually maps out his analysis.

Jobs growth, and economic activity, are fast shifting to capital city centres

The key message is that employment growth in service industries is accelerating. Between 2010 and 2016, around 450,000 jobs were created in education and health, 275,000 in business and other services, and another 150,000 in accommodation, food and recreation. By comparison, construction created around 100,000 jobs, as did wholesale, retail and logistics. Jobs were lost in agriculture, utilities and manufacturing, while mining contributed only 50,000 new jobs to the national total in the five year period…(continues)

SOURCE: “Australian Jobs growth”, VDC News, 07 Feb 2017

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