Rising pension age hard on older workers facing extra years of toil – Courier Mail

Extract from an article by Terry Sweetman

PICTURE this, if you can. It’s 2035 and you’re, say, 68, still well shy of the new pension age of 70.
It’s time for your annual performance review and you’re locked in an office with a middle-management high achiever. Why, he’s the bloke you interviewed for his first job a quarter of a century ago.

He looks at the paperwork and says: “You don’t seem to have achieved the targets you set at this time last year.’’

And you haven’t because your career peaked at least a decade back and you’re inevitably slowing down.

“So, what are your goals, your targets, for the coming year?’’ he asks.

You look blankly because your only goal is survival and the age pension in a few years’ time.

You think he knows nothing; he thinks you’ve forgotten everything.

It’s embarrassing for you and, unless he’s a complete prat, it’s embarrassing for him.

But, it’s an entirely realistic scenario as we enter the brave new world of an incrementally increasing pension age.

It’s the sort of workplace cultural adjustment we haven’t even begun to make as we blithely declare that from July 1, the pension age will rise by six months every two years, climbing to 67. And, if the Government can get its ducks in a row, it will rise to 70 by 2035.

However, the Government – the whole political process – doesn’t seem to have looked beyond the Budget savings as it whittles away the expectations of older Australians.

The main question that hasn’t really been addressed is: Who will give the jobs to those effectively locked into toil until they are 70 and how do we protect them?..(continues)

SOURCE: Terry Sweetman, ” Rising pension age hard on older workers facing extra years of toil”, Courier Mail, 15 Jan 2016

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