NEW Journal: Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation – Field of Focus 4 (FoF4) of Heidelberg University

The Journal of Self-regulation and Regulation is an open-access peer-reviewed online-journal serving as a potential outlet for edge-cutting interdisciplinary research on regulatory processes in individuals and organizations. It is published by the research council of Field of Focus 4 (FoF4) of Heidelberg University.

The Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation publishes two volumes per year, regular volumes containing selected articles on different topics as well as special issues. In addition, the reader will be informed about the diverse activities of FoF4, uniting scientists of the faculty of behavioral and empirical cultural studies, the faculty of social sciences and economics, as well as the faculty of law.

Vol 2 (2016): Special Issue: New Approaches to the Study of Early Self-regulation Development

Table of Contents
Editorial: Understanding early development of self-regulation and co-regulation: EDOS and PROSECO / Sabina Pauen, pp. 3-16


  1. The Role of Co-Regulation for the development of social-emotional competence / Judith Silkenbeumer, Eva-Maria Schiller, Manfred Holodynski, Joscha Kärtner, pp. 17-32
  2. Co- and self-regulation in the caregiver-child dyad: Parental expectations, children’s compliance, and parental practices during early years / Sabrina Bechtel-Kuehne, C. Anna Strodthoff, Sabina Pauen, pp. 33-56
  3. A Review of Hot Executive Functions in Preschoolers / Nancy Garon, pp. 57-80
  4. Impact of Instructional Modality and Emotional Valence on the Reflective Emotion Regulation of Expression in Preschool Children / Helena Kromm, Vanessa Hettwer, Joscha Kärtner, Manfred Holodynski, pp. 81-98
  5. Self-Regulation in Preschool Children’s Everyday Life: Exploring Day-to-Day Variability and the Within- and Between-Person Structure / Katja Ludwig, Amelie Haindl, Ruth Laufs, Wolfgang A. Rauch, pp. 99-117

SOURCE: Heidelberg University. Field of Focus 4. “Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation.” Field of Focus 4 (FoF4) of Heidelberg University, Vol. 2 2016.

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