Cutting Sunday penalty rates will hurt young people the most – The Conversation

Extract from an article by Shirley Jackson

The Fair Work Commission decided to cut Sunday and some public holiday rates of pay across the hospitality, retail, pharmacy and fast food industries for full time, part time and some casual workers.

This will hit young people the hardest as research tells us that while a third of Australians rely on regular Sunday shifts as part of their wage, nearly 40% of young people rely on penalty rates to survive.

Award Full and part time employees after decision Before decision Casual employees after decision Before decision
Hospitality 150% 175% no change no change
Fast Food 125% 150% 150% 175%
Retail 150% 200% 175% 200%
Pharmacy 150% 200% 175% 200%

Penalty rates have been part of the labour market for almost 100 years, since the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission ruled in 1919 that additional payment was required for working unsociable hours. This decision remains popular a century later. According to the latest polls, 82% of Australians support this compensation for working outside the usual working week..(continues)

SOURCE: Shirley Jackson,”Cutting Sunday penalty rates will hurt young people the most”, The Conversation, 23 Feb 2017

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