Money Minded Impact Report 2016: The role of financial education in a family violence context – RMIT


Family violence affects all layers of society – individuals, families, communities, businesses and government. The impacts are extensive to all, but particularly to women.

ANZ commissioned this research to explore the role of financial institutions in addressing the issues that arise from family violence. The role of all businesses includes a responsibility to employees, customers and the community.

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence (2015) recommends that financial institutions develop strategies that better respond to the financial needs of customers who experience family violence and for increased financial education in the community.

ANZ’s MoneyMinded program is a valuable resource for services in the community that support victims of family violence. This report will detail how MoneyMinded is used and how it can be adapted to better meet the needs of participants experiencing family violence.

In exploring the role of financial institutions in addressing issues arising from family violence, this research draws on national and international research, evidence from stakeholders and community practitioners, analysis of Australian population data and the results from a survey of MoneyMinded facilitators..(continues)

SOURCE: Prof. Roslyn Russell, Dr. Mark Stewart, Jozica Kutin, Georgia Rankin, “Money Minded Impact report 2016: The role of financial education in a family violence context”, RMIT and ANZ, November 2016

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