NDIS in the News – Week beginning 13th Feb 2017

Brotherhood Library staff will monitor press and add to this post throughout the week

Monday 13th Feb (including weekend)

ABC News – Scott Morrison pledges $3 billion NDIS boost if savings package passes

Australian Financial Review – Malcolm Turnbull ties billions in NDIS funding to welfare cuts

New Daily – NDIS to benefit from federal government’s welfare reforms

SBS News – Govt now ties childcare to NDIS funding

Sky News – Government to use welfare savings for NDIS

Sydney Morning Herald – NDIS to roll out grants for organisations caught short by user-pays model

Tues 14th Feb 2017

ABC News – NDIS: Paralympian Kurt Fearnley slams Government for using scheme as ‘political football’

Australian Financial Review – Tax hikes, spending cuts loom after Nick Xenophon team nixes budget bill

The Maitland Mercury – Hunter service providers protest against NDIS funding ‘shortfall’ at NSW Parliament House

Sydney Morning Herald – Nick Xenophon blocks government’s $4 billion childcare and welfare omnibus bill

The West Australian – Federal Government accused of holding National Disability Insurance Scheme hostage

Women’s Agenda – Agree to welfare cuts or forget funding for childcare & the NDIS? The government’s ultimatum that failed.

Wed 15th Feb 2017

ABC News – National Disability Insurance Scheme: Where will the cash come from?

The Australian – Federal government faces $10bn surge in NDIS costs

The Australian – $13bn hole blown in 2017 budget

The Border Mail – Call for carers focus in strategy

The Daily Telegraph – Political arm wrestle over NDIS funding

Newcastle Herald – Government threatens tax increases if welfare spending cuts are not passed

Port Macquarie News – Public Service Association protests disability services privatisation

SBS News – Political arm wrestle over NDIS funding

Sky News – Morrison warns of tax hike over NDIS

Sydney Morning Herald – National Disability Insurance Scheme becomes latest victim of partisan politics

Thurs 16th Feb 2017

ABC News – NDIS debate: Pyne says Government has ‘no intention’ of increasing taxes to fund program

Goulburn Post – Rallies continue as disability sector is transferred

PS News – New NDIS funds taken for granted

Sky News – Xenophon slams Medicare levy increase

Friday 17th Feb 2017

The Australian – Effort to find 2000 NDIS-eligible young people lost in aged-care limbo is faltering

The Australian – The NDIS ‘has been a saviour for our family’

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