Waistlines expanding with urban sprawl, study finds – Canberra Times

Extract from an article by Doug Dingwall 

Life in an outer suburb may be making its dwellers more obese than inner city slickers, new research suggests.

A study from the Australian Catholic University’s Institute for Health and Ageing has found a person’s city address is linked to their obesity level.

The waistlines of people living in Adelaide’s outer suburbs increased twice that of their inner city neighbours over four years.

Those living in areas 20km or further from the city centre experienced on average a 2.4cm increase in waist circumference over four years, compared to 1.2cm for those living 9km or less from the CBD.

The findings prompted the institute to call for governments to collaborate with health experts on planning and transport as cities expand.

Study leader Professor Takemi Sugiyama said the reliance on cars in outer suburbs might affect the weight of its residents.

“There is a significant health impact from living in the outer suburbs,” he said.

“The finding is alarming as waist circumference, a measure of abdominal fat, is a good indicator of increased risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers, and our daily lifestyles play an important role in reducing the risk of these diseases.”..(continues)

SOURCE: Doug Dingwall, “Waistlines expanding with urban sprawl, study finds”,  Canberra Times, 06 March 2017

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