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A partnership of aged care professionals, consumers, carers and nurses has produced a new series of resources to support older people as they navigate the aged care system.

The series of resources, 10 Questions to Ask, which was launched in Sydney this week, covers a range of topics such as facility staffing levels, access to GP care and cultural needs in residential care.

Brett Holmes, general secretary of the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association, which was a partner in the project, said the resource would equip consumers with the right questions to ask when making the journey into aged care.

Navigating the process of transitioning a loved one into a residential aged care facility is no simple task and is often compounded by raw emotion, Mr Holmes said.

“As the aged care sector moves further down the path of a consumer-led care model, we are hopeful the 10 Questions series will assist consumers to ask the right questions when looking for suitable care.”

Mr Holmes said the organisations that collaborated on the resource believed that the project would improve standards of care and clinical outcomes throughout residential aged care facilities.

“Educating consumers is a very important step in improving standards in the aged care sector, which can help prevent unnecessary presentations to our emergency departments that are already being stretched to capacity,” Mr Holmes said.

Among those who participated in the project was Council on the Ageing NSW, Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine NSW Division, Carers Australia NSW and Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care.

10 Questions is a series of leaflets written by nurses, doctors and experts with experience in aged care. Each leaflet focuses on an individual aspect of care to increase consumer knowledge and make the journey into residential aged care easier.

The project brings resources together in an easily accessible leaflets that are endorsed by a number of credible professional and advocacy organisations.

You may find these leaflets useful when:
• Searching for a high quality residential aged care facility
• Reviewing the quality of your current residential aged care facility
• Deciding between two residential aged care facilities that appear similar.

SOURCE: NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association. “10 Questions To Ask.” NSWN&MA website viewed 10 March 2017.

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