Older Adults & Dementia – A selection of articles

A selection of articles from a vaierty of sources:

Being sociable can help keep your brain healthy, study finds — Alzheimers.org.uk — Being sociable by taking part in community based group activity can help keep your brain healthy in later life, research by the University of Southampton has found.Being members of a political party, environmental group, neighbourhood watch, a voluntary service group or other community based groups is associated with better cognitive function at age 50.

Dementia: there are so many apps for that… — Journal of Dementia Care (UK) — Vol 25 No 1 Page 32 — Digital technology is changing the world, but is it doing the same for people with dementia? Phil Joddrell and Arlene Astell argue that it can, so long as tablet computer “apps” are adapted so that everyone can enjoy using them …

Digital technology and dementia: changing lives — Journal of Dementia Care (UK) — Vol 25 No 1 Page 29 — Learning how to use digital technology can help people with dementia live more positive lives with memory loss. Tom French discusses key findings from a study showing how new “tech” can maintain mental activity and communication with family and friends.

The experience of spirituality from the perspective of people living with dementia: A systematic review and meta-synthesis — Dementia — Daly, L., Fahey-McCarthy, E., Timmins, F. — Spirituality is an important aspect of humanity. Concerned with deriving meaning from events, and connection with others, it provides a mechanism for some to cope with illness and disability.

Preserving personhood: The strategies of men negotiating the experience of dementia / Edward Tolhurst & Bernhard Weicht — Journal of Aging Studies, Volume 40 — An understanding of dementia requires sensitivity to the complex breadth of factors that comprise the person’s experiential and social context.

SOURCE: A selection of articles from a vaierty of sources viewed 11 January 2017.

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