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ICS launches its 2017 – 2018 Conference Programs: Calling for papers

Indigenous Conference Services (ICS) welcomes everyone to our first newsletter for 2017. It is an exciting new era for Indigenous conferences and 2017/2018 is a busy year for us with a host of new events and the revitalisation of some of our well established conferences. ICS is also partnering with new community groups in staging some of our 2017/2018 conferences. Hence, we are officially launching the 2017 & 2018 Conference Programs.

Indigenous Conference Services (ICS) are jointly hosting with the Indigenous Wellbeing Centre (IWC) to stage The 2017 National Indigenous Drug & Alcohol Misuse Conference scheduled to be held in Brisbane QLD on the 21st – 23rd August 2017 at the Mercure Hotel, which can cater up to 600 delegates. Similarly on the same dates, the 2017 National Indigenous Colour of Justice Conference will also be held at the Mercure Hotel in Brisbane. This conference has been in the planning and development stage for over 18 months which has an excess of 25 different sessions over the two and half days with guest speakers coming from all levels such as Indigenous justice sector, government and non-government agencies and community groups. These conferences are designed to provide a voice for the community as well as develop and share information between community and governments.

Furthermore, the 6th National Closing the Gap Indigenous Health Conference to be held at Pullmans Cairns International Hotel on 27 – 29 November 2017 will highlights the recent 2016 Close the Gap report as tabled by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in February this year. The conference envisions to embracing the philosophy of Indigenous community controlled and mainstream service providers through promoting an informative forum of research, health education and training of staff for the betterment of Indigenous health.

Moreover, two of our inaugural conferences will be held in Canberra on 13th – 15th December 2017. The Black Thunder: The Power of Black Voices Towards 2020 Conference is designed to inspire and enthuse delegates in various areas of Indigenous affairs; whereas, the 2017 National Indigenous Employment: Building A Future Conference will bring together organisations, employers and government agencies to discuss and paint a bigger picture of Indigenous employment in line with the Australian Government’s Indigenous Advancement strategy. As part of this conference, a trade show will be held in which we provide an opportunity for organisations who find difficulties in attracting staff to meet face to face with specialised employment opportunities e.g. locums from within the medical field for individuals, universities and other training providers for government organisations.

Lastly, the ever popular 5th National Indigenous Men’s Conference and 5th National Indigenous Women’s Conference will be held on the 7th – 9th February 2018 at the Pullmans Cairns International Hotel Cairns which are centred on Men’s Health & Wellbeing and Women’s Health & Wellbeing respectively.

If you or your organisation feels that you could contribute to any of the conferences, please take the time to visit our website to obtain more information. There are several ways of being involved in the event. Firstly, if you or your organisation has developed or trialled a program that has been of benefit to the Community or the individual we would be extremely keen to hear from you, either through submitting a paper or dropping us an email. Secondly, to have an input into the Conference Agenda or the Organisational side of the Conference (steering committee), again we would be pleased to have you drop us a line.

On a final note, ICS has also launched two new exciting initiatives such as the free of charge Conference Venue Booking Service and the first ever, Indigenous Speakers Booking Agency, a speaker/presenters booking agency. If you have ever considered or being invited to speak at an Event then this service could be of help to you. Because of our standing in the conferencing and event management sector, we are constantly filing enquiries in regards to recommending speakers for other conferences. As such, we’ve built an Indigenous Specialist Conference and Festival database. This service is free of charge and is the only Indigenous Speakers Booking Agency in Australia. To become a member of our speakers list, feel free to call us on +61 741 942 803.

ICS have allocated 50 percent of the conference agenda to Indigenous Community groups and grassroots organisations and individuals. The structure of the conference program will be based upon a positive future and as a group united. Indigenous people are not only capable and driven in our workplaces but also in our day to day life.


21 – 23 AUGUST 2017 National Indigenous JUSTICE CONFERENCE  (Brisbane)
21 – 23 AUGUST 2017 National Indigenous DRUG & ALCOHOL CONFERENCE  (Brisbane)
13 – 15 DECEMBER 2017 BLACK THUNDER: The Power of Black Voices TOWARDS 2020 Conference (Canberra)
27 – 29 NOVEMBER 2017 The 6th CLOSING THE GAP Indigenous Health Conference (Cairns)
27 – 29 NOVEMBER 2017 The 3RD International Indigenous ALLIED HEALTH Conference (Cairns)

SOURCE: Paramatta Koori Interagency. “Indigenous Conference Services: Calling for papers 2017/2018 events.” PKI website viewed 16 March 2017.

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