NEW: Brotherhood Talks: Learn. Inform. Discuss.

Introducing our new podcast Brotherhood Talks: Learn. Inform. Discuss.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s free podcast, Brotherhood Talks.

Hear social policy experts discuss issues of vital importance in overcoming the challenge of poverty and disadvantage in Australia, drawn from public seminars hosted by the Brotherhood of St Laurence Research and Policy Centre.

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As Australia’s public sector outsources more and more of its thinking on public service reform, the Productivity Commission has become an increasingly important, independent voice.

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More than 300,000 people around Australia receive services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS. Another 160,000 need to be brought into the scheme. So, what’s working and what’s not?

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NDIS: What’s working, what’s not? Part Two

In the second of this two-part Brotherhood Talk, a panel of experts responds to questions from the audience at a public talk exploring the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, said to be biggest social policy reform since the introduction of Medicare.


With unprecedented numbers of displaced people, what are the opportunities and challenges for refugees globally, and in Australia? A range of Brotherhood of St Laurence managers and staff provide perspectives and insights based on their rich professional and lived experience.

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Professor Jeremy Moss says the concept of justice needs to be front and centre of our efforts to reduce the harmful impacts of climate change. If we don’t, he says, we could make a very bad situation worse.

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Dr Kate Raynor contrasts current affordability challenges with those of past decades, and explores the merits of various global approaches to make housing more affordable. Kate Colvin provides insights into how the community sector approaches the challenges of housing and homelessness.

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Are we giving the next generation a fair go? For Professor John Thwaites, that’s what the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are all about. Conny Lenneberg sees them as an important shared vision.

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Brotherhood Talks is a new podcast by the Brotherhood of St Laurence, as Executive Director Conny Lenneberg explains in this introductory episode.

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