The ParentsNext program works with parents who are receiving the Parenting Payment and have children aged under six years.

ParentsNext operates nationally, across all non-remote employment regions to help parents of young children to plan and prepare for employment.

The 3 broad objectives of ParentsNext are to:

  • target early intervention assistance to parents at risk of long-term welfare dependency,
  • help parents identify their education and employment related goals and participate in activities that help them achieve their goals, and
  • connect parents to local services that can help them address any barriers to employment.

ParentsNext commenced in 10 identified local government areas on 4 April 2016 and was rolled out nationally from 1 July 2018.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence is a ParentsNext provider. We assist parents to identify their goals and work with them toward achieving them, to increase independence and have a positive impact on the quality of family life.

We tailor assistance to meet individual needs. We link parents with relevant services and with activities to assist educational and employment pathways including:

  • English classes and vocational training
  • workplace visits and volunteering to increase confidence and build skills, and
  • parenting groups and social activities for parents and children.

We assist to find suitable childcare and access any funding. Where possible we aim to deliver the program and conduct appointments with parents in a familiar setting.

Parents are urged to take part in the parent advisory group in each region , to contribute ideas about what is needed in the community, and to broaden networks, build confidence and learn new skills.


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